Sirius Cosmetics

Branding - 3D - Packaging | 2020

Client and Goals

Sirius is an alternative skin care brand concept. They seek to provide organic, cruelty-free products that connect with the consumer in a market plagued by dangerous substances and unethical practices.

Case Study Solution

We created a brand with a joyous, light feel; and a versatile visual system that allows it to connect with multiple consumer segments. We created elegant packaging that helps elevate the product, making it stand out in a market saturated by huge international competitors. Like the star -and pet cat- that served as inspiration for the brand's name, Sirius teaches us all an important lesson: It's time to shine.

Sirius: the cat that became a star.

The name of the brand was inspired by the founder's pet cat: Sirius. We created an expanded visual system with a profile of Sirius as an homage to this origin story.

 A brand made by and for animal lovers: in the making of their products, no animal testing or chemicals harmful to the environment are allowed.

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